Our Building Process

At Extrabuild we are committed to ensuring that your building journey is as stress free as possible.

Clear communication is our biggest priority, which is why we offer transparency every step of the way especially in relation to budget, progress and timeline. We will take you on a personalised and collaborative building journey, to ensure you enjoy the process of creating your dream home for your new and much better lifestyle


What you want and need

While these two things are not necessarily the same thing, at Extrabuild we help you transform your dreams into reality by discovering what is important to you. We invite you to have an initial consultation with us where we will discuss the type of home that you would like based on your lifestyle, aspirations, budget and location.

During this meeting we will share our years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the design, building and construction industry and offer ideas and suggestions to help you get the home of your dreams.


Detailed proposal and pricing

For Extrabuild to provide you an initial estimate, we will need to know the kind of selections you are looking for, both interior and exterior (whether it be high end or a more cost effective range) to be able to get the right price from our trades and suppliers.

This is important to help provide an accurate cost and the more information you can provide will ensure our suppliers are quoting exactly what you want.


Almost ready to go

During this meeting we will go through the detailed proposal with you, answer any questions you may have and help you understand exactly what we are proposing. Once you have agreed to the detailed fixed price or detailed cost plus price to get the home of your dreams, we are then ready to prepare your building contract for you to review before signing at a later date.

This is also the time to secure your finance knowing you have as much information as possible.


Confirm your selections

The selection’s process is one of the more exciting and fun steps of building your home. To further assist you in selecting your materials, colours, tapware, etc we would like to invite you to meet with some of our key suppliers to confirm your final selections where you may like to experience them first hand. 

At Extrabuild we want to help you bring your vision to life which is why we encourage meeting with our suppliers to ensure you are equipped with the latest information, styles and options when it comes to creating a home that is completely unique to you.

We have also set up a selections website to help with all the details of the many things you need to choose in advance to make your build run smoothly. Everything from the type and colour of your roof to door handles need to be selected and we have options for you to choose from or add items that you have found and love.


Contract signing

This is the step where everything starts to become a reality. In preparation for commencing your job a comprehensive contract is prepared which outlines every detail within your project providing you with complete transparency and peace of mind that your interests are protected.

An experienced member of our team will walk you through the paperwork. Once this has been signed and everything is documented for your unique build, we will request a deposit of 10% of your contract price and organize your compulsory Home Owners Warranty insurance. That is because residential building work where the contract price is more than $20,000 at time of contracting will require Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance. We as the Builder must provide you with a certificate of insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund before we commence work and before we can receive any payment.

We will also provide you with your pre-selections process. This is an exciting part of the pre-construction process and involves you choosing your interior and exterior colours, fixtures and finishes, if you haven’t already, to reflect your unique tastes and lifestyle.

We will ensure you have received an identical signed copy of this contract including drawings, specifications and other attached documents within 5 working days after the contract is entered into. We recommend you keep these contract documents in
a safe place.


Councils construction certificate lodgement

If you have not yet applied for your Construction Certificate, also known as a ‘CC’, this is the time to get that rolling. An application is lodged with council along with your Development Application, ‘DA’, approved plans, DA documents and Engineering approval.

During this time, Extrabuild will schedule the construction of your build and advise our suppliers to ensure that the chance of delays is minimized as much as possible once the build has started.


You are ready to go!

This is the exciting part!

The start date will be here before you can blink and our team will be ready to start your build.

Throughout the construction process we will keep you informed of how the build is progressing and will notify you of any major updates and the pre-agreed progress payment invoices will magically appear in your inbox with surprising regularity.
During this time we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns during the build. We believe that open honest communication is the key to a successful build and clarifying any questions or concerns is part of our responsibility to you.



Extrabuild co-ordinates their trades in an efficient and organized sequence. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, water proofers, cabinet makers and tilers are just some of the crew that we will engage to help us build the home of your dreams.



The work areas are thoroughly cleaned, we hand over all warranties and compliance certificates.

The dream is yours to enjoy!

What Our Clients Say

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