Your building journey with Extrabuild

At Extrabuild we are committed to ensuring that your building journey is as stress-free as possible.  Our dedicated team is here to support you through every step of the process. We have developed systems to help streamline the process as much as possible, so you know what to expect at each stage.

1. What you want and need

While these two things are not necessarily the same thing, at Extrabuild we help you transform your dreams into reality by discovering what is important to you. We invite you to have an initial consultation with us where we will discuss the type of home that you would like based on your lifestyle, aspirations, budget and location.

During this meeting we will share our years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the design, building and construction industry and offer ideas and suggestions to help you get the home of your dreams.

2. Detailed proposal and pricing

For Extrabuild to provide you with an initial estimate, we will require external pricing from our trades and suppliers. This is important to help provide an accurate estimate, and the more information you can provide will ensure our suppliers are quoting exactly what you want.

3. Almost ready to go

During this meeting, we will go through the detailed proposal with you, answer any questions you may have and help you understand exactly what we are proposing. Once you have agreed to the detailed fixed price or detailed cost plus price to get the home of your dreams, we are then ready to prepare your building contract for you to review before signing at a later date.

This is also the time to secure your finance knowing you have as much information as possible.

4. Contract signing

This is the step where everything starts to become a reality. In preparation for commencing your job, a comprehensive contract is prepared, which outlines every detail within your project, providing you with complete transparency and peace of mind that your interests are protected.

An experienced member of our team will walk you through the paperwork. Once this has been signed and everything is documented for your unique build, we will request a deposit of 10% of your contract price and organize your compulsory Home Owners Warranty insurance. That is because residential building work where the contract price is more than $20,000 at time of contracting will require Home Building Compensation Fund Insurance. We as the Builder must provide you with a certificate of insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund before we commence work and before we can receive any payment.

We will also provide you with your pre-selections process.  This is an exciting part of the pre-construction process and involves you choosing your interior and exterior colours, fixtures and finishes, if you haven’t already, to reflect your unique tastes and lifestyle.

We will ensure you have received an identical signed copy of this contract including drawings, specifications and other attached documents within 5 working days after the contract is entered into. We recommend you keep these contract documents in a safe place.

Confirm your selections

To further assist you in selecting your colours, tap ware, etc we would like to invite you to meet with some of our key suppliers to confirm your final selections where you may like to experience them first hand.

At Extrabuild we want to help you bring your vision to life which is why we encourage meeting with our suppliers to ensure you are equipped with the latest information, styles and options when it comes to creating a home that is completely unique to you.

5. Councils construction certificate lodgement

If you have not yet applied for your Construction Certificate, also known as a ‘CC’, this is the time to get that rolling. An application is lodged with council along with your Development Application, ‘DA’, approved plans, DA documents and Engineering approval.

During this time, Extrabuild will schedule the construction of your build and advise our suppliers to ensure that the chance of delays is minimized as much as possible once the build has started.

6. You are ready to go!

This is the exciting part!

The start date will be here before you can blink and our team will be ready to start your build.

Throughout the construction process, we will keep you informed of how the build is progressing and will notify you of any major updates, and the pre-agreed progress payment invoices will magically appear in your inbox with surprising regularity.  During this time we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns during the build. We believe that open, honest communication is the key to a successful build and clarifying any questions or concerns is part of our responsibility to you.

Newcastle Home Renovations, Extrabuild are family owned and licenced building group that is highly respected throughout Newcastle Sydney.

Our Deep industry knowledge provides our clients with efficient and well-organised workflows to ensure every home building project continues on schedule and delivered on time.

Extrabuild have all the essential trades to offer an extensive range of building services for Domestic and Commercial building projects. Our quoting is accurate and itemised using best building materials and product brands on the market to provide a superior long lasting construction.

No matter what the building project type; we keep always keep you updated with regular onsite meetings and discussions to ensure you are informed throughout the entire process.

We take care of all the building materials to minimise downtimes and have a vast selection of bricks, timbers, concrete finishes, roofing and flooring options to suit your style.

Speak with the Extrabuild team to arrange a renovation plan, renovation quotes, for an affordable home upgrade that you won’t be disappointed with.

Building A New Home In Newcastle ? Consider Extrabuild your trusted home building company based in Newcastle Sydney.

Extrabuild specialise in affordable home building services for new homeowners looking to build there dream home or simple ways to enhance their living space with stylish house renovations and home extensions to improve your asset.

Extrabuild are realistically priced to help regular families achieve award winning homes and improvements, through a well managed and executed building process that has been adopted through a life time of building experiences.

Our entire team have worked extremely hard to develop a solid reputation as the friendly home building experts with deep industry knowledge where nothing is impossible, and the only limitation is your imagination. Extrabuild, New Home Building service offers endless features and capabilities to help you achieve the perfect home you have always dreamed of.

Extrabuild are licensed Newcastle builders with an ever growing portfolio of well receive construction work that everyone loves talking about.

We speicalise in;

  • Roof & Patio Extensions
  • Open plan living Renovations
  • Master-chef kitchen upgrades
  • Outdoor Entertaining areas
  • Luxury Bathrooms and many other building services consisting of flawless workmanship admired by those who appreciate the fine details.

Contact Paul, Master Builder and company owner of Extrabuild.

Extrabuild delivers affordable Roof Renovations, Roof Repairs and Roof Extensions throughout Newcastle, and surrounding local regions.
Extrabuild is fully licensed and insured Newcastle building company that will spend the time to listen to your needs, then to provide the best solution towards your rooftop situation.

Our talent roofers have been building houses since 1988 and defiantly have you covered with deep building experience and quality products to suit your style and budget. Extrabuild transforms building structures of any type to improve function and visual appeal using the best material and building techniques that your family and friends will experience.

All our workmanship is guaranteed, as we enjoy building our business through friends of friends as we appreciate your business and want to express our gratitude for allowing us to do what we do best.

Extrabuild continues to grow an impressive portfolio of new house builds, home renovations, and building extensions with clients who become raving fans about the results we earn. We offer client testimonials, and happy to showcase our work, so you feel confident that you will receive the best outcome for your investment.

We welcome you to try our Newcastle roof restorations and home building services we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Call Extrabuild today! Our passion for building comes from your imagination.

Extrabuild offer effective turnkey house building solutions that meet client need and expectations.

From planning phase through to handover, company owner Paul manages the entire project to ensure quality and efficiently is delivered through to completion.

We are local house builders, setting the standards in the domain of house building. Extrabuild offer Newcastle residents affordable construction work using an experienced family owned building team that are well experienced to complete high standard building solutions.

Our work ethics keep job sites in order and ticking like clock work to ensure construction remains on-time and on budget. We build it like our own and will never compromise on quality therefore we don’t cut corners, so if we sound like a good fit for you give us a call so we can discuss our previous projects and provide some inspiration if needed.

Ensure to get your foundations set right from the start using experience house builders you can trust. We value your Investment and our eye to detail continually impressed our Clients with results that last a lifetime. Our Building Skills have been forged through decades of experience. 

Contact Paul for Professional House Building Services, to discuss your building requirements today.